Illustrations of Past and Present Alike

Sketchbook Series: Art in books, large and tiny, from cool sketches & line art to full-on work!

Over the years, I've held a shitload of books in my possession. I am human though, and I only have maybe half of all the sketchbooks I've owned ever since middle school - in fact, only one from middle school even managed to survive all the trips, spring cleanings, and apartment moves I've endured over the years.

What isn't posted here in my sketchbooks are observational drawings, references, written stuff, erotica, and more random items...

The Baby Book Chronicles

Artwork and sketches from my pocketbooks. These ones are all over the place media-wise, and feature the vast majority of my colored pencil work. Why? Fuck if I know, but colored pencil with ink outlines are just neat to me, for some ungodly reason!

2020 - Daler-Rowney Softcover

The Sketchbook Sagas

Artwork and sketches from my normal-sized sketchbooks! I love these things, even though I never quite could commit to finishing them like a normal human being - nearly all of these still have blank pages that technically make them 'ongoing', but I'm willing to leave them be. The media choice is fairly consistent though - either crusty pencil sketches, or loads of pen-work, with color usually either coming from pens, or more often, markers.

2022-Current - Canson 5.5 x 8.5 inch, 98 lb weight Sketchbook

My partner gave me this book because I was assed out at the time and was struggling to keep up with my art output. Needless to say, that was well over a year ago, and I still got pages to burn! There's a LOT of nothingburger-ass sketches and straight-up notes in this one though, so it's a bit dry.

2021-2022 - uCreate 9 x 6 inch, 70 lb Drawing Sketchbook

This sketchbook has a lot of conceptual art in it, but there's still enough to show off on these archives that aren't super sketched-out. Once I can pivot from massive drops like right now to a less dense schedule, I might show off more ideas I had at the time.

2019 - Strathmore Vision 9 x 12 inch, 64 lb weight Drawing Pad

I forgot I even had this thing until I fished it out of my closet! A running theme with these sketchbooks is that there's some more upload-worthy stuff... if the subject matter wasn't super eyebrow-raising. Hell, there's a book that I have to skip entirely precisely everything decent was rather licentious, and the rest were loose sketches! And that's all I'll say. Anyways, there's some neat concepts and study renderings in here more than anything else, and I'm willing to share them.

2016 - The OG Sketchbook

Upload Status: Ongoing!

The book that partly inspired this entire part of the website, the OG sketchbook contains the earliest images I ever uploaded to the internet - for those of you who know me irl, you might remember me posting some of these pictures on Google+ as Inveracity. Huge reach, considering that's a seven year timegap, but hey, that's history!

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