Illustrations of Past and Present Alike

Illustration Series: Bread, Butter, Toast!

These are images that a lot of people I know might recognize. Album covers, sticker designs, the odd flyer, requests and gifts, and entire series of illustrations.

Out of all the sections, this one will be the most updated with older artwork as time goes on, as of the 29th of July. There is a lot to post and see here.

2018 - The Holy Cloud Sage era

A highly turbulent and weird period in my life, but artistically speaking, I don't think I ever felt this focused before or since in sheer output. This is where I began designing album artwork and other sundry illustrations.

Takes place between the end of my 10th and start of my 11th grade years. Named after my old Instagram page.

2017 - The Wizardsteppen era


I lost an unfathomable amount of art during an extremely rough move between apartments. What little even exists is thanks to me not deleting my tumblr in a depressive rage at the time. Coming soon...

2016 - The Ephemeral-Inveracity era

Current Status: Ongoing!

A point in my life where I was painfully aware of only some of my neuroses, yet retained none of my former innocence about neither the world around me nor my fellow peers. I distinctly remember having an intense fondness for post-processing on my images, due to my sheer ignorance about digital art at the time, and my resultant frustration as a newbie traditional artist on the internet. Hence the odd and interesting color grading.

Takes place right before and during my 9th grade year. Named after my extant deviantArt handle.